IEMC 2020

With support from our partners, IEMC 2019 was a resounding success. 2020 International Education Management Conference, IEMC, will be held on 12th-15th July (registration day on 12th July) in beautiful city of Hohhot in China.

It is our great honour and delight to welcome you to participate in our special memorable event / conference we are planning this year by bringing together our partner universities from Australia, China, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, UK and the US to meet and discuss latest cross boundary higher education cooperation development of mutual interest. Rest assured you will get to meet your current Chinese university collaborative articulation partners and potential new ones during the conference.

Date Activities
 12nd July, 2020 Registration
 13rd July, 2020 Symposium and Workshop
 14th July, 2020 One-to-One Meetings & President Forum
 15th July, 2020 Inner Mongolia Forum


Symposium and Pre-Workshop
Symposium and Workshop
Cloud campus Research Alliance Seminar
Women Leadership Research Institute Symposium
Achievement Exhibition of Partnership for AEMG
AEMG Study- Abroad Program Exhibition
 Harbin Forum

Hohhot City Views

Hohhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is a famous and beautiful city with a glorious history and a splendid culture. It has become a new type of city with distinctive ethnic characteristics. It is the center of the political, economic, and cultural activities of the autonomous region and a window for opening up.

Yellow Flower Valley

Yellow Flower Valley, 100 kilometers away from Hohhot, is located on the prairie of Inner Mongolia. Here is a typical Alpine Steppe Terrain, with an average elevation of over 2,000 meters and a total area of more than 600 square kilometers. Whenever it is mid-summer, it will become a large natural garden, with yellow flowers dotted among the green grass, which is very beautiful.

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