International Education Management Conference

International Education Management Conference (IEMC) is an international conference initiated by AEMG. As the name given to the conference, the main objective is discussion on the management and operations of the international education. The conference also plays an active role in promoting the exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign universities. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for information sharing among all the participants in the International Collaboration Programs and International Education Management. It would be a great opportunity for all our partner universities to further understand AEMG, to interact with AEMG staff and to further explore cooperation opportunities.

This series of conferences brought together speakers from Chinese and overseas universities who are experienced practitioners in the field, discussed various topics and shared their achievements with all other participants. This series of conferences have provided a platform where participants can share information about the best practices and management of international education through collaboration programs.

AEMG has been committed to the promotion of the international exchange and collaboration programs. These cooperative education programs through foreign, domestic and international institutions help to promote cooperation and to accelerate the process of internationalisation of the domestic and foreign institutions. At the same time, the introduction of the educational concept of the overseas institutions and curriculum system has led to an improvement in the teaching quality, hence enriching the students’ professional skills, international communication skills and comprehensive ability.

IEMC previous highlights