Hand-in-Hand Workshop 2022 Registration

Theme: “Transnational Education – Opening the Borders”

20th Jan – 22nd Jan 2022 [Postponed to 20th May]

In January 2022 AEMG will once again run our highly anticipated partnership workshop.

The Hand-in-Hand Workshop is an opportunity for key university members from our global partners to get together and share information and learn from best practices. In the workshops we will consider various strategies and initiatives implemented by the universities, senior management, academic, and marketing teams, in conjunction with AEMG, to work collaboratively with Chinese partner universities to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

We will hear analysis of the impact of the student mobility restrictions on the joint ventures between partner Australian/NZ/US/UK and Chinese universities, the success of the learning centre ventures developed in 2020-2021, and the likely longer-term impact of global restrictions on student mobility and choices.

We will also celebrate our joint successes. 2022 is an important year for AEMG and our partners as we celebrate our achievements that paved the way for transnational education and enter the next exciting and challenging phase of development.